Are These Officially the World's Coolest Pool Tables?

Are these officially the world's coolest pool tables?

A pool table is an indispensable piece of gaming equipment - no man cave or games room is truly furnished without one. Pool tables are the perfect combination of competitive and sociable, a game that everyone can play together to enjoy some friendly banter and some quality time with friends and family.

Now, depending on the style and decor of your home, the type of pool table you choose will differ. Most of us will select a traditional style; wooden frame, slate bed and a dark coloured cloth top. These are great choices, as they never go out of style, and will fit in perfectly in any room.

However, it’s always nice to dream a little bigger! We scoured the internet to find the coolest, most unique pool tables ever constructed. They may not be the most timeless or practical options, but they would certainly be a talking point. Imagine having one of these awesome pool tables in your dream games room - the more adventurous among you could start placing your orders!

Glass pool tables

An incredibly sleek design that will let you see exactly which balls have already been potted, this glass pool table is a complete show stopper. The clear glass design appears to be almost weightless, and would add an ethereal charm to any room. We love how it catches the light and sparkles - although as cool as it is,trying to constantly remove fingerprints and markings from the pristine surface would soon lose its appeal!

Concrete pool tables

Definitely something a little bit more robust and durable than a standard design, how about a pool table made entirely from poured concrete! The exposed, utility style of this table would be ridiculously heavy to install, and you’d have to think carefully about its place in your room because once a table of this weight is down, the chances of being able to move it again are slim tonone. And we can’t help but think that while this is a pool table that looks awesome, actually playing on it wouldn’t feel very comfortable...

Pool tables for your pool!

If you’re one of the lucky ones who happens to have room for an actual pool in your back garden, why not combine a pool table into the mix! You can find specially designed pool tables that are made to be placed underwater, weighted so they stay put on the floor of a swimming pool and at the perfect height for you to stand in the water and play. So, weather permitting (maybe a better option if you live somewhere other than the UK!) as well as swimming in your pool, it can also be the location of epic pool tournaments.

Pool/dining table fusions

We may be a little biased here at Games Room Company, because pool/dining table fusions are some of our most popular and well loved products - but you can’t deny, these are seriously cool! One minute you have a fully functional dining table for all your family and friends to eat around, the next you have a professional standard pool table for an after dinner game! These fusion tables are always beautifully designed to be super sleek and stylish, so they will look fantastic in your home as well as allowing you to experience the best of both worlds when it comes to fun and responsibility.

Ice sculpture pool table

And now for something totally impractical but very cool - literally! These guys spent days chiselling down a block of ice, turning in into a professional sized pool table which, if you could stand the chill, you could actually play a game on! Definitely not one design we could ever have in our own homes, but certainly impressive to look at - and you have to respect the skill and effort involved.

Which of these unusual, unique pool tables would you choose for your own home? If you’ve seen another crazy design, please Tweet us to let us know - we’d love to see it!


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