6 reasons you should let your employees play games in the workplace!

If you’re in charge of a team of people at work, you want them to be motivated, energised and happy at all times, right?

One amazing way of making sure that happens is letting them play games during working hours in your office! Invest in some brilliant equipment from us here at Games Room Company, and let your employees have extra fun during work!

If you need a little bit more convincing, here are 6 reasons you should definitely make having fun the new rule in your office…

1. Playing games is great for your health

Studies have found that playing games at work can improve your mental health in a number of ways, from improving your concentration and memory, to even slowing down the ageing process!

2. Improving relationships

Playing games with colleagues is a fast track to team building and bonding. Having fun together and socialising about something that isn’t work will really cement relationships, and turn you from colleagues into friends.

3. Improving staff retention

If you think your team are the bee’s knees, you definitely don’t want to lose them! Making sure your office is a fun place to work is a great step in making sure people are happy in their jobs so they’ll never want to leave.

4. Relieving stress and boosting morale

If someone’s having a bad day, playing a game will immediately lighten their mood. And if they’re feeling anxious or stressed about something, gaming will help them forget about it for 5 minutes, so when they return to work they’ll feel calmer and more focused.

5. It’s what people want

Recent surveys found out that 79% of people would like more games breaks during their working day, and that 61% of CEOs and senior executives like to take a daily break to play games at work.

6. You would be in good company

Google, LinkedIn, Innocent and Nike are just a few of the brands who have games equipment in their offices and encourage their employees to play during the day - and if they’re doing it, you definitely should be too!

So, now we’ve convinced you that playing games at work is a brilliant idea, what exactly should you play? Here are some ideas...

    This is an olympic sport so it’s bound to be productive! Table Tennis gets your heart rate up, improves your reactions, motor skills and memory, improves tactical thinking and concentration. It gets your brain engaged and switched on - so you could start your day in the office with a few games to warm up.

      Our favourites here at Games Room Company, these will definitely be a hit with all of your staff! In many companies, playing a game on these machines is commonly used as a reward for daily work targets being achieved. This will improve morale and motivation amongst your team, improve information retention and memory, and help your team adapt to learning new skills.

        Many workplaces use this equipment as an excuse to hold weekly tournaments which is excellent for team building! They’re a quick way of relieving stress, and one that will also refresh your energy levels and concentration, and help your employees to find new ways around problems.

          This can be a great stress buster and will really calm you down if you’re having a particularly rough day. Playing pool or snooker improves cognitive skills and hand eye coordination, so it’s especially perfect if your job is visual or physical.

          Playing games at work will help you find the perfect balance between work and play, so you and your employees will love coming to the office everyday! And if you need to kit out your space with the best and biggest variety of gaming equipment, we have everything you need here at Games Room Company - just take a look...



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