The Teckell T1 is quite simply one of the most spectacular pool tables ever created, and one would expect no less from the highly regarded craftsmen at Teckell. Designed by Marc Sadler, it would induce anyone to take up pool purely for the pleasure of playing on this amazing piece. Cool, contemporary, and fabulously minimal, the entire table is supported by crystal clear glass panels which rise out of the solid oak base sections.

Despite the appearance of delicacy and refinement, the T1 is in fact immensely strong, and of course the glass panels will never show any of the signs of wear associated with more conventional wooden bodied tables. It’s an inspired choice of material, and one which creates a piece that can command a room without overwhelming the space. Light refracts beautifully through the 15mm thick crystal panes, subtly reflecting the ambient colours that surround the table, and in certain conditions it can even create the illusion of hovering in the room.

The pockets are ingenious too, comprising a stylish but very strong rubberised net which simply expands and enlarges as the balls drop down into it.

The T1 is available in an 8ft or 9ft size, and can be specified with a large number of different cloth colours. Grey or black are frequent choices and these of course maintain the minimalist theme but it also looks stunning with brightly coloured cloths, which add a much funkier accent to the piece. To make sure you're completely happy with your choices we would create a visual illustrating your preferred combination prior to order.

Also on offer is the option of several different top sections, which bring a note of bespoke luxury to the piece. These do come at additional cost but they add further individuality whilst raising the ‘wow’ factor to 11.

At The Games Room Company we’ve been selling games tables since 1962, so we know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.


  • Handmade in Italy
  • Unique, breathtaking design
  • Available in 8ft and 9ft sizes
  • Dimensions (8ft): (L) 260cm x (W) 148cm x (H) 82cm
  • Dimensions (9ft): (L) 290cm x (W) 163cm x (H) 82cm
  • Simonis® 860 worsted wool playing surface, available in 25 colors.
  • Solid aluminium rails with black anodised finish
  • 15mm thick tempered and double bevelled crystal panels
  • Expandable pockets
  • Optional luxury finishes for rails, including hand sewn leather
  • Immensely strong
  • Weight: 8ft: 330kgs, 9ft: 400Kgs
  • Supplied with: Four cues, 3 standard cues, 1 cue with 3lobite® joint, 1 3lobite® 30cm extension, 1 Kamui® Stella bridge, Game triangle, Super Aramith® Pro game balls set (American pool game) and Pool cue chalk set


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Luxury Collection

Teckell T1 Glass Pool Table 8ft, 9ft

Groundbreaking design and peerless craftsmanship come together in this show-stopping table
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