The shuffleboard powder (wax) is one of the most important elements of playing the game and when combined with the superior playing field of a Walder-Smith Shuffleboard table you're guaranteed a great performance. Sprinkled liberally over the surface, it allows pucks to glide effortlessly across the playfield.

Picking a powder is easy. The Shuffleboard Federation manufactures a variety of powders that allow you to create the kind of game you prefer. Super Fast, fast, or a little slower with more control, which is ideal for a family friendly game. All powders are designed and tested by professionals for consistency and accuracy, and as the company's been going since 1987 you know it's a product you can trust. Why not order one of each speed to test your skill?

Speed: The Ultra Glide T3 Powder Wax is a very fast, competition grade Speed Powder, which is recommended for 16', 18' and 20' Shuffleboard Tables. T3 is one of the most popular powders, designed for experienced players and novices alike. It offers a consistent, smooth glide for your winning shot, with plenty of control. It should be scattered over the entire playing surface and spread out evenly. For the best possible performance, we suggest using the 1·2·3 Shuffleboard Cleaner and 1·2·3 Shuffleboard Polish/Wax once a month and the Super Slick Silicone Spray every week.


  • Professional shuffleboard powder
  • Formulated by The Shuffleboard Federation
  • Extensively tested for accuracy & performance
  • Net WT. 454g


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Shuffleboard Table Powder Wax Speed T3 - Faster

Experience smooth and effortless gameplay with Shuffleboard Wax Powder Speed T3. Specially formulated for optimal performance, this wax powder ensures consistent gliding action on your shuffleboard surface. Elevate your game and enjoy hours of fun!

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