These glorious art deco pendant lights are utterly unique, having been created as one-offs for a period movie some years ago. Now fully restored and re-polished, they’ve been returned to their former glory as masterpieces of understated elegance. Inspired by their similarity to birds in flight and the approximation of a ’T’ shape we’ve christened them ’T-Birds’.

The bronze body of the piece contains and short fluorescent tube which radiates light subtly across the curved steel ‘wings’ whilst the lustrous chrome finish reflects the surroundings in interesting and unexpected ways. Because the light source is reflected rather than direct, the T-Birds would make excellent canopy lights for pool or snooker tables. The effect is one of gentle ambient light which avoids the problems associated with cast shadows.

Visually striking and beyond rare, these T-Birds are perfect for a period room and really need to be seen ‘in the metal’ to be fully appreciated.


  • Dimensions: L: 72 cms x W 34 cms
  • Imperial: L: 28" x 13"
  • Suitable for lighting pool, snooker or dining tables
  • Highly collectible and completely unique


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T-Bird Pendant Lights

A masterpiece of understated art deco elegance

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