Ask any fan of classic arcade machines from the Golden Age about their most cherished memories and the chances are that Atari's 1983 Star Wars game will be right up there.

Regarded as a true gem of the era, it stands as one of the finest examples of the use of a licence in video gaming history. Drawing inspiration from the cinematic thrills of the Star Wars franchise, this vibrant, full-color vector game immerses players into the heart of the Star Wars Universe.

Players assume the role of Luke Skywalker, piloting an X-Wing Fighter through space, engaging in thrilling dogfights against the menacing Tie-Fighters. Upon clearing the initial waves of enemies, players find themselves at the ominous Death Star's doorstep, tasked with neutralizing its formidable towers and turrets. Throughout the mission, a digitised rendition of Alec Guinness, as Obi-Wan Kenobi, implores players to "use the Force," adding to the immersive experience.

Yet, it's the climactic finale that truly captures the imagination. As players navigate the Death Star's treacherous trench, they are thrust into the game's ultimate spectacle - a breathtaking descent towards the grand finale.

Over the years many Atari Star Wars machines have either been scrapped or fallen into disrepair, but this rare example, the cockpit version, will undergo a complete refurbishment over many hours by our specialist engineers, they will restore the cabinet to its former glory and work meticulously to ensure that the gameplay experience is exactly as it should be. 

This 1983 Star Wars is in stock and awaiting restoration in our workshops in Surrey by our talented in-house team.  

We offer a grade A1 restoration as standard. We do not use a 'restoration checklist' as every component is checked and refurbished as part of our uncompromising refurbishment process. 
We are thorough and comprehensive throughout and are striving to deliver a machine that is near to how it came out of the factory. All of our restoration work is guaranteed by our one-year on-site parts and labour warranty.  
Contact us at The Games Room Company on 01932 568 414 to discuss our Grade A1 restored arcade machines in more detail. 



  • Dimensions: Standup: Height: 182.9 cm.; Width: 64.1 cm.; Depth: 83.2 cm.

  • Weight: 145.6 kg

  • Released by Atari

  • Year: 1983

  • Utilises full-color vector graphics

  • Immersive portrayal of the Star Wars Universe

  • On-rails shooter gameplay

  • Players control an X-Wing Fighter as Luke Skywalker

  • Engage in intense dogfights with Tie-Fighters

  • Digitized voice of Alec Guinness encourages players to "use the Force"

  • Original music from the Star Wars soundtrack

  • A classic gem from the Golden Age of Videogames


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1983 Star Wars Cockpit Arcade Machine by Atari

In stock, awaiting restoration by our in house workshop team

Lead time to be confirmed.

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