Originally released in 2008, this Limited Edition Ferrari speaker sold out long ago. However, we have been lucky enough acquire what we believe to be the last 'new' one available, and it's a rare find indeed. Held in secure storage since its manufacture and still in the original box, this 'one off' piece represents a unique opportunity for audiophiles and Ferrari enthusiasts alike.

Ferrari S.p.A. licensed design and innovation studio David Wiener Ventures to create a most exclusive product - a limited edition audio system called Art.Engine. An audio and engineering tour de force, the Ferrari Art.Engine is a complete music system that combines twin speaker arrays, wireless signal input and digital electronics in a single tower designed specifically for the home or office.

Limited to only 1000 pieces and boasting unbelievable performance, this engineering marvel is a streamlined  47 inches tall, 16 inches wide and only 6 inches deep.

Needless to say, performance is outstanding. The Ferrari speaker is the culmination of an exhaustive engineering effort to create a completely new concept in audio and an exciting music listening experience.

Machined from 250 pound billets of T6 aluminum and trimmed in carbon fiber, the Ferrari Art.Engine is hand finished in Ferrari red, followed by a clear coat which is buffed to an extraordinary lustre.

Built into the solid aluminum enclosure are 18 drivers, four 200 watt digital amps, proprietary DSP and DWC-APHEX® circuitry and a wireless digital receiver, allowing CD quality music to be beamed to the Art.Engine directly from your computer, phone or tablet.

The elegant Art.Engine is one of the most exclusive products ever licensed by Ferrari and is an objet d'art that introduces a new standard in music reproduction and visual presentation.

"Art.Engine's development demanded highly advanced audio technology, performance, style and construction methods, and was inspired throughout the development process by Ferrari's engineering and standards," says David Wiener, President and CEO of David Wiener Ventures.

Giulio Zambeletti, Director of Brand Development Ferrari SpA, emphasizes Ferrari's commitment to excellence. "Any high end product licensed by Ferrari must have an uncompromising approach to quality, breakthrough technology, and ultimate performance. The Art.Engine encompasses them all."

More a fine instrument than a piece of electronic equipment, the Art.Engine is a luxurious and timeless sculpture of aluminium and carbon fibre that combines performance, beauty and simplicity, making it the focal point of any space it inhabits.

One press of the red "Engine Start" button leaves you in no doubt that this incredible speaker leaves all the competition at the starting line.

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Limited Edition Ferrari speaker

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