The 740 Longlife is the only table on the market with all the advantages of a competition table and the ultra-durability of the best Cornilleau outdoor tables. The quality of rebound, its stability, its finishes, and the precision of its settings are in no way inferior to the tables used by pro players. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, it fits both on a house terrace and in all communal spaces, including hotels, leisure clubs, themed bars, or even relaxation rooms in company.

Mat Top

The MAT Top® anti-glare coating reflects 10 times fewer rays, than standard tops, has improved transmission of spin and is resistant to bat blows.

Height & Tension Adjustable Net

Competition net posts are permanently fixed to the table. Cotton net can be adjusted for both height and tension

Perfect Bounce

The 9mm top on this table gives an excellent bounce and return of spin, a similar performance to a 22mm indoor table.

The tops on Cornilleau outdoor tables are made from resin laminate. They are extremely durable, shock resistant and are weather resistant (rain, sun, snow, frost etc). Cornilleau tops range in thickness from from 5 to 9mm - the thicker the top the better the bounce quality.

Table Top Durability

The outdoor frame is made from a zinc and aluminium alloy. It is strong and corrosion resistant

Ultra Durable Outdoor Laminate

The outdoor tops are made from a resin laminate which is completely weatherproof. This means you can safely leave your table out all year round.

Resin laminate tops are also extremely hard wearing and are resistant to bat blows, impacts and fading of the white lines.

Compact Technology

The patented Compact Technology folding system reduces the risk of tipping and avoids any risk of a child getting between the playing surfaces when in the storage position.  It ensures the highest level of safety, ease of handling and reduced storage space.

Competition Wheels

The table has large diameter caster wheels for excellent mobility without leaving marks on indoor surfaces. This table has 4 brakes to provide better stability during the game and increased safety in the folded position. 

Retractable Net

The net swivels automatically between the two panels when you close the table, further optimising storage space and providing better safety when stored.



Table tennis was a family favourite in the Waldersmith household. Our founder Reginald Waldersmith would routinely challenge his sons to games, in order to get some practice in for the occasional product demonstration in the showroom. We’ve been selling tables since 1962, so know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.


  • Coating: MATTOP
  • Colour: Grey
  • Playing surface: Resin Laminate 9 mm
  • Leg type / dimensions: Steel - 120 x 60
  • Product weight: 111kg
  • Storage Space: 167 x 75.3 x 155.5 cm (L x W x H)
  • Playing Size: 274 x 167 x 76 cm (L x W x H)
  • Made in France


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Indoor & Outdoor

Cornilleau 740 Longlife Table Tennis

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