With 24 hand spliced exotic woods incorporated in the design The Britannia Steel Limited Edition is quite simply one of the finest cues we offer. As you’d expect, the shaft is made from top grade North American Ash. This version is a single piece cue but it also comes as a two part model as well, which is listed separately.

The Limited Edition has an aviation grade stainless steel joint and ferrule, ensuring the best possible durability and strength, and includes a detachable mini butt.

All our snooker cues are crafted from solid ash, with the price differential accounted for largely by the quality of the wood and the manner and style of the decoration. Cheaper cues would typically have the detailing sprayed onto the wood whereas the better quality examples will have different veneers like rosewood and ebony actually inlaid as part of the manufacturing process. Please check the individual listings for specifics.

A more expensive cue will last longer and be more resistant to warping in the longer term, whilst typically having aircraft grade steel for the joints rather than brass.

Most of the range consists of two part cues in the regulation lengths of 57” or 58” but there are one or two exceptions. We also have carrying cases available for both the one part and two part versions.

Almost all the cues have a removable screw-in mini butt, which can add some heft to your shots, and a telescopic cue extender is available separately. This is fully compatible with all the cues which have mini butts. 


  • Length: 147.5cm (58")
  • Weight: 17oz
  • Tip size: 9.7mm
  • Premium North American Ash shaft
  • Twenty four hand splices with exotic woods


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  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

Britannia Steel Limited Edition One Piece Snooker Cue

A truly fabulous cue, featuring an amazing 24 hand splices.
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