Perhaps we could be accused of overusing terms like ‘iconic’ and ‘classic', and we can’t deny that they do appear quite frequently on our website, but this is only because so many of the machines that pass through our hands are considered to be landmark designs. A fair few have also become part of our cultural history, or at least that of the United States. However, we now find that we've painted ourselves into a corner so to speak, because if a large part of your range has been described as ‘iconic’ where do you go for superlatives when a genuine Wurlitzer 1015 turns up?

Put simply, the ‘Wurlitzer 1015’ is the one that started it all. In the same way that ‘Hoover’ became the generic name for vacuum cleaners and ‘Biro’ became synonymous with ballpoint pens, so the name ‘Wurlitzer’ imprinted itself on the public consciousness as another word for a jukebox.

Rudolph Wurlitzer was born into a family of musical instrument makers in Germany in 1829 before emigrating to America at the tender age of 24. He began by importing his family’s instruments and selling them in the US market but quite quickly set up a manufacturing business and in 1880 the first Wurlitzer piano was built in the US. Electric pianos came next, shortly followed by the cinema and theatre organs, dubbed ‘Mighty Wurlitzers’, that provided such a stirring accompaniment to the silent movies of the time.  

In 1933 the New York based company bought the rights to a patented jukebox mechanism and under the management of Farny Wurlitzer, Rudolph’s successor, they began designing and manufacturing their first jukebox, the ‘Debutante’. Known as the ‘small man’s concert hall’, it enjoyed tremendous popularity and paved the way for even greater success when Wurlitzer’s inspired designer, Paul Fuller, came up with the 'Bubbler' design that we all know and recognise today. 

At the end of the war they launched the 1015, which played 24 78rpm records and sold a remarkable 56,000 units in its first 18 months. People were hypnotised by the shifting colours and animated bubble tubes, not to mention the terrific sound quality which would give many of today’s jukeboxes a run for their money!

Music Services

The this jukebox holds a total of 24 x 78rpm records with a display window on the front of the machine for title cards, allowing you to easily view the tracks. 

Why not sign up to our Music Service and take the work out of creating the title cards with our level one option for vinyl jukeboxes.   

Music Service Level One: Creation and installation of 100 title cards for the display window.

Please note, the Music Service does not include supply of records.

Music is the DNA of our business, so if you are stuck for inspiration or need to acquire vinyl for your Jukebox we are able to help you source and create the perfect playlist. 

Typically the price for vintage records is £15 + VAT per record, however more collectable records are charged at a higher price. We have a stringent quality process when purchasing records, working closely with our suppliers to ensure we supply records with playable "A" and "B" sides. Once sourced, the centres are then cut (dinked), so they can be used in a jukebox. Finally they are hand washed and then played both "A" and "B" sides for sound quality. 

We are committed to delivering high quality sound for our clients and if you are investing in a vinyl jukebox, whether restored or new, you can be assured we won't compromise on quality.

Please contact us if you are interested in our music services to discuss your requirements.


  • Dimensions: (H) 150 x (W) 84cm x (D) 63cm
  • Imperial: (H) 59" x (W) 33" x (D) 25"
  • Made in the USA
  • Vinyl Capacity: 24 (78 rpm)
  • Highly sought after and still rising in value
  • Large vinyl selection available
  • Electric push button play


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

Original 1940's Wurlitzer 1015 Vinyl Jukebox

This vintage Wurlitzer jukebox will be sourced to order and restored in our in-house workshops. Due to the rarity of some vintage items and the varying degrees of their pre-restored condition it is not always possible to give each product an exact lead time. Please contact us for more information.
Lead time to be confirmed.

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