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Moon Cresta Arcade Game


Manufactured in 1980, the Moon Cresta follows a popular, established format of games that were already all the rage in that early era – like Defender, Space Invaders and Galaxian.


Test your reflexes as a variety of aliens appear at the top of the screen, swooping, swarming and spiralling towards your segmented spacecraft. Each segment is deployed in turn, so you begin with only one smaller, weaker craft. Progressing through levels will provide opportunities to dock with the larger segments, and successfully doing so will provide greater firepower for later levels.


Space was a common setting for games in the 1980s, partially due to hardware limitations. Moon Cresta’s quickly earned its place amongst a market heavily populated by similar space-themed arcades by being one of the first ‘multi-level’ shoot ‘em ups. The concept of docking three ships was especially well-received, being considered advanced for its time, and some later games sought to emulate this aspect. Strap yourself in, and destroy them with lasers!


We at the Games Room Company have always had a great appreciation for video games, ever since the first commercial video game (Computer Space) was released back in 1971. We were one of the first companies to bring over TATO’s Space Invaders to the UK, quickly going on to supply pubs all over the country. Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, was a particularly avid fan of Atari’s Pong, describing it as being “quite as fun as real tennis, and not nearly as exhausting”. We have proudly continued his fondness for retro video games, and much of our inventory includes games we’ve manufactured ourselves.

  • Dimensions:  (H) 60cm x (W) 55cm x (L) 90cm
  • Year: 1980
  • Manufactured in the Golden Age of arcade videogames
  • One of the earliest multi-level shoot ‘em ups
  • Creative game-play, advanced for the era
  • Maximum number of Players: 2
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