Considered by many pinball fans to be one of the all time greats, Indiana Jones entertains every bit as much as Raiders of the lost Ark, the film that inspired this incredible table.

This wide body table has plenty of thrilling toys and and a soundtrack to match, with voice excerpts and music from the movie all helping to make sure that the action never flags. Introduced by Williams in 1993, Indiana Jones ran to a total of 12,716 units worldwide. Very few of these survive to this day and this superbly restored example, painstakingly refurbished inside and out by our own technicians, has to be one of the best available anywhere.

However, it’s in the game play where this table really shines. The varied modes of play include 3 great video modes and many other objectives to keep you engaged, ensuring that you get a fresh experience every time you play. The mini playfield top left, with built in tilt mechanism, also adds an exciting new dimension to the game, and once the modes are completed, you enter a special 6-ball multiball where the goal is to hit every single target. Achieving this awards you with an large number of points and is extremely satisfying to pull off. The revolving head of the idol, half way down the left hand side of the playfield, is another fun toy which releases further balls into the arena.

The bright and colourful artwork, executed by Doug Watson who shares the design credits with Mark Ritchie, is amongst the best you’ll find on any machine, and this includes the iconic Addams Family and Twilight Zone tables. The backglass in particular evokes the montage style movie posters of the period, incorporating plenty of detail and action vignettes.

This table has undergone a nut and bolt restoration in our workshop at the hands of our skilled technicians. This involved a complete cabinet and playfield strip, upgrade to LED lighting, and a thorough mechanical overhaul which ensures that the table plays every bit as well as the day it left the factory. Our aim is not simply to run a few checks and hope for the best, but to rebuild the table to a standard equal to our own enviable reputation in the industry. Only by doing this can we confidently offer the One Year On Site parts and labour warranty which is unique to The Games Room Company.

With strong artwork, audio, video, and fabulously entertaining game play, this is one table that can be played for years whilst still offering up fresh challenges and great fun. It's certainly one of the top 10 pinballs ever made, and for a great many aficionados Indiana Jones consistently ranks in the top 3!

The Games Room Company is one of the oldest pinball dealers in the country. Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, played his first pinball game in 1960, and described it without irony as being “flipping excellent”. We’ve been selling pinball machines since 1962, so know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.


  • Dimensions: (H) 190cm x (W) 75cm x (D) x 140cm
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Made in the USA
  • Year: 1993
  • Sympathetically restored to the highest standard


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Rare collectable

1993 Indiana Jones Pinball Machine by Williams

The ultimate Pinball for movie enthusiasts, this Williams 90's table is such fun and actor John Rhys-Davies lends his vocal talents as Sallah!
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