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Shuffleboard | Games Room Company

Find out more about the classic American game of shuffleboard!

Shuffleboard is a quintessentially American game and perhaps has a less of a following where we are based here in the UK. But for those of you who are gaming enthusiasts, we know you’ll know about (and love!) the iconic game.

Here at Games Room Company, we are huge fans of shuffleboard! Our founder Reginald Waldersmith was a big fan of the game and played it a lot during his service during World War Two. His love for the game is a big reason we’re so committed to finding and restoring beautiful shuffleboard tables to this day, and sharing the fun with you!

If you have no idea what we’re talking about when it comes to shuffleboard, here’s a little bit of background information to get you up to speed…

What exactly is shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is a classic American game, and seriously addictive once you’ve played it for the first time! It involves a long wooden table and wooden or plastic weighted pucks, and the aim of the game is to push the pucks down along the table into the scoring area. While it sounds simple, it can be difficult to get the weighted puck to travel far enough along the table; not enough force and you won’t hit the scoring zone, too much and you risk the puck falling into the two side ‘gutters’ or off the other end! We promise that once you start playing, you won’t want to stop until you’ve perfected your technique!

What kind of shuffleboards are available at Games Room Company?

Due to our history of loving shuffleboard, we’ve always prided ourselves on being able to find you the most stunning and fun tables around. and we’re especially honoured to be the UK’s exclusive stockist of Champion shuffleboards. Champion are the world’s undisputed leading manufacturer of shuffleboards, so their addition to our showroom is a very welcome one! You certainly can’t get better than these shuffleboard tables, handmade in Texas, USA - an authentic piece of American culture sent across the Atlantic!

If you are curious about shuffleboards and would like to see what they’re all about for yourself, please come and visit us in our showroom and we’d love to show you! And if you’d like anymore information, please give us a call - we can tell you everything you’ll need to know about this brilliant game.

Shuffleboard | Games Room Company