This exclusive Limited Edition Playboy Vinyl 45 Bubbler is the result of a collaboration proposed by Ricatech and Playboy and produced by Rock-Ola. Jukeboxes don't get any cooler than this and with only 20 ever made this is a rare find.

The Limited Edition Playboy Vinyl 45 jukebox oozes the timeless glamour of the 1960s Playboy Bunny Girls who adorn the rotating tubes. The cabinet is formed from the very best cuts of walnut, satinwood, alder and other local timbers by our expert woodshop. Carved wood shoulders and crown frame the cabinet, combined with handcrafted details and the finest finishing touches. This jukebox is hand-built to last.

LEDs are used throughout for the brightest, longest-lasting lighting, alongside the mesemerising handmade bubble tubes. As the bubbles rise up, deep, hypnotising colours are created by the rotating pilasters, making the Bubbler as enchanting to the eye as it is to the ear. 

The Rock-Ola Bubbler 45 rpm Vinyl Jukebox is the only authentic brand new American vinyl Jukebox on the planet! It plays 100 x 45rpm vinyl records as well as having the ability to stream music via Bluetooth. Our best-ever sounding Jukebox has 5 speakers powered by a 425 watt amplifier. Our vinyl Jukebox has the best sound, the most selections, just what you would expect from the greatest Jukebox company that gave its name to Rock n' Roll!

The Bubbler’s sophisticated 3 internal speakers, utilise a 10” dual sub-woofer and 2 x 5¼ “ mid-range speakers with 1” tweeters for a ‘Live Performance Reproduction’, creating a sound quality so perfect that you can close your eyes and swear your favourite musicians were playing the music right there in the room with you. The authentic vinyl record carousel is modelled on one of Rock-Ola’s time honoured 20th century designs, the 100 record capacity will give you 200 x 7” records selections (A and B sides); allowing you to enjoy your favourite artists in perfect quality, from the comfort of your home. It is also possible to link the Bubbler to an existing in-house integrated music system, such as Sonos and Control4®.

The Vinyl 45 Rock-Ola Bubbler is one of Rock-Ola’s most instantly recognisable machines. It is an eternal staple of American culture and is the only true authentic brand-new authentic American jukebox on the planet. Drawing inspiration from the Wurlitzer 1015, this classic design has endured over 50 years with very few design changes.

The Bubbler's cast metal grille is made from triple plated die-cast metal and the jukebox takes its name from the pockets of air that float up to the top of the eight handmade bubble tubes lining the machine. 

The Vinyl 45 rpm Bubbler has the best visual display of any brand new jukebox and can display 40 vinyl titles at any time. At the touch of a button the pages rotate to display the next 40 titles. We use the industry standard title display cards that have been around since vinyl 45rpms first started back in the 50’s. Selections can be made from the keyboard on the front of the Jukebox or from the comfort of your own armchair by remote control.

Music and Title Cards Pricing

If you do not have your own record collection yet, we can help you build one! The charge for vintage records is £15 + VAT per record, this covers most records however some are highly collectable for which we have to pay a premium and are charge at a higher price. The title card service is £120 + VAT for a handmade set regardless of the selection quantity.

It is quite an involved process to supply records as we buy them in from dealers or collectors, they will only guarantee the "A" side, so often many records do not pass with us because we always supply records with playable "B" sides as well as the "A".

The centres are then cut (big hole centres) which also leads to some breakage as some of the records split due to their age. Finally they are hand washed and then played both "A" and "B" side on a gramophone for sound quality, only then are they fit to go on the Jukebox. The final check is again playing "A" and "B" side as you would hear it on your Jukebox.

It's all about delivering good quality sound for our clients and if you are investing in a vinyl jukebox the standard of the records have to demonstrate the high standard of our restorations.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service.


  • Made in California, USA
  • Audio Technica 3600 Cartridge
  • 200 x 45rpm vinyl record selections
  • Automix system
  • 425-watt dual channel amplifier
  • 5 speaker system
  • Full turntable display
  • Bluetooth to live steam (Spotify, i-tunes etc)
  • Dimensions: (H) 152cm x (W) 84cm x (D) 68cm


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

Playboy Vinyl 45 Rock-Ola Bubbler Limited Edition Jukebox with Bluetooth

The very last of the Limited Edition Playboy Vinyl Bubblers from Rock-Ola.

Lead time to be confirmed.

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