The Waldersmith Space Commander is the peak of innovation and creativity on retro arcade tables, manufactured by the Games Room Company. 1500 of the most popular arcade games are packed into this futuristic design. Precision cut, toughened glass protects the 20” LCD screen, which renders all your classic arcade favourites in faultless quality and will automatically re-orientate itself for compatible games. A built in illuminated fan cooling system will ensure that things never get too heated, though we can't make the same claim for the players' emotions! The Space Commander is set up for 2 players but you can play individually too.

All of our arcade machines are hand-built in the UK, which ensures that they are made to the highest quality. They use high-grade components and comply with all necessary UK legislation. This machine has excellent sound quality courtesy of the built in woofers but can also be used with headphones if preferred. 'Plug and play' ensures a really quick set up so you'll be ready to play within minutes of taking delivery.

The Space Commander Arcade Machine can be customised to your specification in a variety of ways so please contact us for details and prices if you wish to give your machine a personal touch or give it non-standard options.

The machine has access to over 1500 of the best loved arcade games and there is also room to add 1000s more, as these machines are fully MAME compatible. This allows you to set up almost any retro arcade game ever made via the USB ports on your machine.

The Space Commander Cocktail Table is a powerhouse of contemporary innovation, combining retro 80s nostalgia with the modern technology required to deliver it to an absolutely perfect standard.This is the finest tabletop arcade machine for sale which gives you both side-by-side and end-to-end authentic 2-player controls. This unique feature enables you to play all the classic arcade games the way that they were designed to be played. Face an opponent in games such as Pacman™ and Space Invaders®, or sit next to them for head-to-head action for games such as Street Fighter 2™.

We at the Games Room Company have always had a great appreciation for video games, ever since the first commercial video game (Computer Space) was released back in 1971. We were one of the first companies to bring over TATO’s Space Invaders to the UK, quickly going on to supply pubs all over the country. Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, was a particularly avid fan of Atari’s Pong, describing it as being “quite as fun as real tennis, and not nearly as exhausting”. We have proudly continued his fondness for retro video games, and much of our inventory includes games we’ve manufactured ourselves.


  • Dimension (H) 69cm x (W) 90cm x (L) 68cm
  • Handmade in Great Britain
  • Pre-loaded with 1500 of the most popular retro arcade games
  • 20” LCD screen
  • Option to add 1000s more arcade and older console games
  • Precision cut toughened glass
  • Fully 'plug and play' with no assembly required
  • Automatic screen flipping for compatible games
  • Black buttons and joysticks as standard
  • Illuminated fan cooling system
  • CE mark
  • Bespoke reinforced glass top
  • Adjustable volume and headphone option


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

Waldersmith Space Commander Cocktail Table

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Designed and crafted by us, this retro style cocktail table doubles up as a brilliant arcade game system!
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