These novel decorations combine a traditional image with an intricate internal wiring of LED lights, bringing an extra nuance of subtle character to your home. This marvellous piece proudly displays some enviable examples of the best vehicles in motoring.

This is a private commission we’ve reproduced for motoring magnate John Collins (the most prestigious Ferrari dealer in the world) and the cars featured on the artwork are some of the most important motors that Talacrest has ever sold. To create the commission, our Photoshop engineer recreated a classic American diner with Mr Collin’s name at the forefront, superimposing high-quality prints of the vehicles. The artwork is then perforated and the LEDs are hand-wired in our workshop in France.

Using the same template, we have created several more products; from our commission of the Lancaster Drive-In to the reproduction of the Mack Mazda Drive-In. We at the Games Room Company understand our customer’s desire for the most extensive level of personalisation possible, and we do our utmost to cater to that need, boasting a specialised service that few other companies can provide. Our expertise and equipment ensures that almost all of our artworks can be customised and specified in any style, size or design – thus allowing you to make your purchase truly your own.


  • Handmade in France to order
  • Lead time approx 6 weeks


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

Talacrest Artwork (Variation 1)

Classic car lovers need this in their lives: an LED adorned image of some of the all time great motors!
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