Ice hockey is a fast moving and exciting sport, brought vividly to life in the latest home version of ICE’s fantastically successful Bubble Hockey game.

ICE (Innovative Concepts in Entertainment) began manufacturing CHEXX bubble hockey in 1982 and it quickly became one of the top-earning bar and arcade games of the 1980s. Enhancements to the game were added when it was renamed Super Chexx in 1988, and it continued to be extremely popular in bars and arcades. It received national acclaim during the Bud Light Bubble Boys tournament series from 1999-2001.

The game can be played by two opposing players who control all five hockey players and the goalie for their side (singles) or as a two on two game (doubles). Players control their five skaters with long rods that move in and out to bring skaters up and down the ice and spin 360 degrees. A knob is used to move the goalie from side to side and each player also a "boo button" to simulate sounds from the crowd. The super-strong crystal clear, Lexan dome is built to last a lifetime.

 The latest generation of Chexx Bubble Hockey has all new electronics,  a 5” LCD Jumbotron, animated videos, live-action game calls and LED lighting, all of which serves to put you right at the heart of the action.

Get your skates on and order yours now!


  • Dims (L) 54" x (W) 36" x (H) 54"
  • Tough, lightweight base
  • Indestructable Lexan dome
  • Aluminium cabinet
  • All new electronics
  • Optional LED lighting
  • Optional cup holders
  • Live action game calls
  • 2 or 4 player game

Super Chexx Pro Ice Hockey Game by ICE

The latest version of ICE's Bubble Hockey game puts you right at the heart of the action!
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