Stern's Star Wars Premium Edition pinball table builds on the success of the Pro model with many bonus features and fabulous new cabinet art. John Williams's inspired soundtrack, taken direct from the iconic movies, still provides a stiiring accompaniment to the gameplay but the Premium edition includes an Interactive Magnetic Hyperdrive Ball Accelerator which speeds multiple balls furiously around a circuit above the playfield. For a full list of the other features which distinguish this from the Pro Edition check out the 'Details' list on the right.

Like the Pro, the Premium Model comes fully loaded with colour changing LED’s, an exploding Death Star, 9 Super Laser Weapons, an interactive TIE fighter and a playfield mounted High Def LCD display featuring 400 scenes from the original films.

Praised by pinball aficionados for its fast gameplay and overall flow, it scores an impressive 9.3/10 on the internet pinball database and the ‘Lightsabre Duel’ mode adds a whole new level to the excitement. The light show alone has won this game many fans, and should probably carry a health warning for anyone prone to epilepsy!

The backglass is completely different from that on the Pro model and prominently features Darth Vader, looming ominously over the playfield. All in all Stern have a created yet another energetic and fast moving game, more than worthy of the billion dollar franchise that inspired it.

The Games Room Company is one of the oldest pinball dealers in the country. Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, played his first pinball game in 1960, and described it without irony as being “flipping excellent”. We’ve been selling pinball machines since 1962, so know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.


  • Pinball meets the Force!
  • Premium Edition
  • (H) 190cm x (W): 69cm x (L): 140cm
  • Imperial: (H) 75" x (W) 27" x (L) 55"
  • Weight 250lbs
  • Manufacturer: Stern
  • Made in the USA
  • Brand new
  • High definition cabinet artwork
  • LED display
  • 2 Year parts and labour warranty


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

2017 Star Wars Premium Edition Pinball Machine by Stern

May the force be with you, the Premium Edition Star Wars Pinball has landed!
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