This stunning, 1950s Allwins 'Win a a Gum' bagatelle machine is a real beauty, featuring glorious art nouveau metal flourishes and a richly varnished wooden cabinet. Fully restored by our team and themed around Rowntrees fruit gums, it makes a striking and highly entertaining wall mounted amusement. 

The bagatelle vends on old pennies, which you insert to release a ball which is then propelled around the spiral track before dropping into one of the centre holes.

 Reginald Waldersmith was far from an avid gambler but he was extremely knowledgeable about the industry. He specialised in ‘one armed bandits’, and they were an essential part of the business that eventually became the Games Room Company. After servicing slot machines and jukeboxes on American airbases after the war, the resultant friendships Reginald made in the US armed forces allowed him to begin shipping them to the UK.

We’ve been selling games tables since 1962, so we know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment. 


  • Dimensions: (w) 45cm x (h) 80cm x (d) 17cm
  • Imperial: (w) 18" x (h) 31.5" x (d) 7"
  • Highly collectable
  • Beautifully restored
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Rowntrees Win a Gum Bagatelle machine

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