The Rock-Ola Bubbler CD-8 is one of Rock-Ola’s most instantly recognisable machines. It is an eternal staple of American culture and is the only true authentic brand-new American jukebox on the planet. Drawing inspiration from the Wurlitzer 1015, the world’s first ‘original jukebox’, this classic design has endured over 50 years with very few changes and continues to be one of the Games Room Company’s most popular products.

The Bubbler shares the Wurlitzer’s famous grille and gets its name from the pockets of air that float up to the top of the eight bubble tubes lining the machine. These bubbles slide through the deep, hypnotising colours created by the rotating pilasters, making the Bubbler as enchanting to the eye as it is to the ear. This beautiful, iconic machine is robust too, with a strong hand-built cabinet which comes in a choice of light oak, walnut, or satin black, which allows some of the wood grain to show through. Also available at a slightly higher cost is gloss black and gloss white finishes.

The Bubbler CD-8 is manufactured by Rock-Ola: creators of the only true authentic, brand new American CD jukebox on the planet. 

It has the honour of having the best sound quality of any new jukebox, with its many innovative features all working in conjunction to bring you perfect sound quality at both high and low volumes. As standard, our AV technicians fit a Bluetooth dongle which allows a remote connection so that it can be paired with any blue tooth music device (e.g. an iPod or iPhone).

This jukebox has 5 speakers: 2 mid range, a sub and 2 tweeters. It delivers dual 3-way system or live performance sound. It also has external speaker connections.

The authentic disc loader is modelled closely after the older designs used to play the 45rpm vinyl records in 1950s America, and the 100 Capacity magazine let you to fill the Bubbler CD-8 to the brim with albums of your choice; allowing you to enjoy your favourite artists in perfect quality, from the comfort of your home. It is also possible to link the Bubbler to an existing in-house Integrated Music System, such as Sonos.


Music Services 

The CD Bubbler holds a total of 100 CDs with a display window on the front of the machine for title cards, allowing you to easily view the tracks. We also offer a CD Album binder which is a dedicated  album cover artwork book with track index, which we compile for you based on your CDs. This binder holds album artwork and track listings to become an easy reference guide to use with the remote control from the comfort of your sofa. 
Why not sign up to our Music Service and take the work out of creating the title cards, track listings and artwork. We provide 3 levels to suit:   
Level One: Creation and installation of 100 title cards for the display window, based on your track list. Each title card contains the complete track listing and numbering for one album. 
Level Two: Creation and installation of 100 title cards for the display window as above. Along with another set for use in the CD Album binder, or your own binder, and album artwork to give you a definitive track list. 
Level Three: This is the full package, includes the title cards and album artwork as outlined in stage two inserted into the CD Album binder. 
The Rock-Ola CD Album Binder can also be purchased as a stand alone item. 
Please note, the Music Service does not include supply of CDs. Music itself is in the DNA of our business,  so if you are stuck for inspiration or need to acquire CDs for your new Jukebox we are able to help you source and create the perfect playlist. Contact us for a quote today. 


  • Dimensions: (H) 152cm x (W) 84cm x (D) 68cm
  • Made in the USA
  • CD Capacity: 100
  • Finishes available for this premium model: Gloss White or Black
  • Compatible with Mobile Phone and tablets for Bluetooth streaming
  • 5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way System for “Live” Performance Reproduction
  • Phillips CD Player and Self-Adjusting Laser
  • QSC GX3 peerless low heat amplifier
  • Can be linked to an Integrated Music System (e.g. Sonos)
  • Electrical: 90-250 Volts [50/60 Hz]
  • Power Output: 1600 Watts RMS Power


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

Rock-Ola Bubbler CD Jukebox in Black with Bluetooth

Own a piece of American music history with the Rock-Ola Bubbler CD Jukebox. This timeless icon features mesmerising bubble tubes and boasts the best sound quality around. Choose from classic finishes to suit your space and fill your home with nostalgia and Rock-Ola’s famous ‘Live Performance Reproduction’ sound.
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