Experience the Rock-Ola Bubbler 45 rpm Vinyl Jukebox, the pinnacle of authentic American craftsmanship in jukebox design. Boasting the ability to play 100 x 45rpm vinyl records and seamless Bluetooth music streaming, it delivers unparalleled sound quality through a dynamic 5-speaker system powered by a robust 425-watt amplifier. This jukebox is not just about sound—it embodies the legacy of Rock-Ola, synonymous with the birth of Rock 'n' Roll!

Taking inspiration from the 1941 Wurlitzer Peacock 850, this jukebox features the iconic die-cast metal grille and mesmerizing bubble tubes that float air bubbles through vibrant, rotating pilasters. The Peacock model enhances this classic design with a stunning art deco grille, illuminated by a backlit panel depicting two peacocks whose feathers change colors independently. It’s a feast for both eyes and ears.

Delivering the best sound quality among new jukeboxes, the Bubbler ensures flawless audio reproduction at any volume. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and remote pairing capabilities, it seamlessly integrates with modern devices while maintaining its vintage charm. The carousel holds the largest amount of selections of any brand new jukebox, 100 vinyl records (200 selections) and boasts an intuitive title card display that showcases 40 titles at a time, rotating with a touch of a button or remote control.

Ideal for enthusiasts and collectors alike, the Rock-Ola Bubbler 45 rpm Vinyl Jukebox is not just a music player—it’s a timeless piece of art that brings the magic of classic vinyl and modern technology into your home.

Music Services

The Vinyl Bubbler holds a total of 100 records (200 selections) with a display window on the front of the machine for title cards, allowing you to easily view the tracks. 

Why not sign up to our Music Service and take the work out of creating the title cards with our level one option for vinyl jukeboxes.   

Music Service Level One: Creation and installation of 100 title cards for the display window.

Please note, the Music Service does not include supply of records.

Music is the DNA of our business, so if you are stuck for inspiration or need to acquire vinyl for your Jukebox we are able to help you source and create the perfect playlist. 

Typically the price for vintage records is £15 + VAT per record, however more collectable records are charged at a higher price. We have a stringent quality process when purchasing records, working closely with our suppliers to ensure we supply records with playable "A" and "B" sides. Once sourced, the centres are then cut (dinked), so they can be used in a jukebox. Finally they are hand washed and then played both "A" and "B" sides for sound quality. 

We are committed to delivering high quality sound for our clients and if you are investing in a vinyl jukebox, whether restored or new, you can be assured we won't compromise on quality.

Please contact us if you are interested in our music services to discuss your requirements.


  • Made in California, USA
  • Unique Peacock design
  • Audio Technica 3600 Cartridge
  • 200 x 45rpm vinyl record selections
  • Automix system
  • 425-watt dual channel amplifier
  • 5 speaker system
  • Full turntable display
  • Bluetooth to live steam (Spotify, i-tunes etc)
  • California sourced real wood veneers
  • Dimensions: (H) 152cm x (W) 84cm x (D) 68cm


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

Rock-Ola Peacock Vinyl 45 Bubbler Jukebox with Bluetooth

Introducing the Rock-Ola Peacock Bubbler Vinyl 45 Jukebox - a blend of vintage charm and modern convenience. With the ability to play 200 vinyl selections as well as stream music via Bluetooth, it combines classic design elements of the iconic Peacock jukebox with Rock-Ola's advanced sound technology for a captivating audio experience making it a timeless addition to any home or entertainment space.
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