A superb original bagatelle game taking as its inspiration the legendary 'Auteuil' Hippodrome just outside Paris. This beautifully restored game has been refurbished inside and out by our experts and is now in superb condition. The hand painted wooden cabinet measures 84cms tall x 49cms wide

The Auteuil Hippodrome is a horse racing venue on Route des Lacs in Paris, France and was designed exclusively for steeplechase racing. The racecourse certainly deserves its nickname of the 'Temple of Jumps Racing' and boasts a large number of extremely challenging obstacles. The “Rail Ditch & Fence”, nicknamed the “Juge de Paix”, is a veritable legend in racing circles. This fearsome obstacle is 1.60 metres high and 4 metres wide, making it dangerous and difficult for the jockeys and their mounts to overcome, but truly spectacular to watch.

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Horseshoe Bagatelle Game

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