You'd like to teach the world to sing?

Well, while you're trying to work out how you're gonna make that happen why not sidle up to the bar and get comfy on one of these 1950's inspired reproduction stools embellished with the classic Coca-Cola logo. The deep, luxurious cushion will ensure you'll be there for hours! These stools have been selected by us to complement the numerous Coke bars and Coke vending machines in our range, and we picked them out not just for their stylish retro looks but also for their highly polished chrome finish and sturdy construction. Just don't go starting any bar room brawls with these heavyweights as you'll end up doing some serious damage! Take it from us - these are the Real Thing!

And if you were thinking how great they looked in the set up pictured above, then check out our Victor 2 Drawer Coke Bar here and talk to us about a package deal. Your only problem will be how to persuade your guests to leave...

Vintage Coca Cola Stool

These reproduction Coke stools bring a wonderful vintage feel to your bar or kitchen
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