Bar Billiards is terrific fun so don't let those petty arguments about the rules interfere with your enjoyment of the game! In response to client requests The Games Room Company has now produced a definitive set of instructions and rules, framed ready to hang near your favourite table.

At 50cm x 70cm size it's large enough to be read from a distance, and can be framed in a number of different wood finishes. It has a clear acrylic facing rather than glass.

We can produce this piece in custom sizes by separate arrangement and even tailor the artwork if you'd prefer a different design or something more personalised. Just give us a call and we'll take it from there!

At the Games Room Company we have long been fans of Shuffleboard and are proud to be building them for Britain. We are thrilled to be sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm for this unique game with a whole new audience. Waldersmith Shuffleboards truly offer the finest standards of design and craftsmanship, all drawn from a heritage dating back over 500 years. Shuffleboard is at last truly coming home!


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Bar Billiards Rules

Put an end to those arguments with a definitive set of Bar Billiards rules!
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