Aged just 14, John Moses Brunswick left Switzerland to begin a new life in America, and after seeing an exquisite billiards table from the renowned London manufacturer, John Thurston, he decided to get into the billiards business, saying "if it's made out of wood, we can make it better." He called for his brothers to join him in America to help build his company, expanding across the United States and internationally to create an American corporate icon.

The name Brunswick became known the world over for quality and craftsmanship, and has been a leading influence in recreational products for 170 years.This is a truly global brand that has endured the tests of time and in many ways the story of Brunswick echoes the story of America – its growth, its innovative spirit, and the dreams it represents. 

Dating from the 1940’s, the Brunswick Centennial is arguably the most beautiful table they ever produced, and was without doubt the best pool table money could buy at the time. The company was drawing on over a century of manufacturing experience when they produced the Centennial but what really marks it out is the stunning Art Deco styling.

Aprons of chromed aluminium are fluted to match the contoured corner castings, resulting in a look which had a seamless sense of ‘flow’ to it and was very much of its time. It is reported that much of the aluminium used in these tables came from USAF aircraft that were dismantled and melted down after the war. Complementing the aluminium aprons are the highly polished Rosewood rails, whose inlaid mother of pearl details add a further touch of opulence. The solid hardwood frame, which comprises two side rails, two end rails and two cross stretchers, rests on two oval-shaped plywood legs designed for maximum strength and rigidity. At the base of each leg we again find the exquisite fluted aluminium detailing, mirroring the look of the aprons.

The Centennial utilises three one inch thick sections of slate, each of which is backed up by a wooden frame which is mounted on top of the base frame.The slate joints are kept in perfect alignment by means of metal dowels and ferrules and the slates themselves are fastened to the frame by concealed screws, resulting in an immaculate playing surface.

We could go on, but the design, craftsmanship and attention to detail on the Centennial really need to be seen to be fully appreciated, and this particular table is looking fabulous after a thorough refurbishment. This American icon was truly Brunswick’s crowning glory, and if ever a pool table qualified for the term ‘Masterpiece’, this is surely the one.

Our own Reginald Waldersmith played his first pool game in 1958, and although he had a bit of initial difficulty with his cue handling (he was aghast when his opponent advised firmly holding the butt) he took an immediate liking to it.

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  • 8ft Metric Dimensions: 123cm x 264cm
  • 8ft Imperial Dimensions: 4ft x 8ft
  • Durable, solid construction
  • Built in the 1940's
  • Manufactured by Brunswick, whose history dates back 170 years
  • Classic Art Deco styling
  • Elegant chromed corners
  • Rosewood and chromed aluminium finish
  • Three piece slate bed
  • Range of cloth colours available
  • A show stopping centrepiece in any room, and a landmark in pool table design


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Luxury Collection

Brunswick Centennial Pool Table 8ft

An absolute classic, and a landmark in the history of pool tables from a highly respected manufacturer.
Expected lead time: 6 months

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