Vintage Products

We love vintage products, it's what we do best of all...

We have a passion for supplying old things in amazing condition, particularly jukeboxes, pinball tables, vintage American vending, pool tables and more. Here is a selection of some of our favourites...

The Ultimate Jukebox...1956

Described by many as one of the most attractive jukeboxes ever made, the Wurlitzer ‘2000’ Centennial was built to commemorate the company’s 100 year Anniversary. 

Vendo 81 D Coca-Cola Machine...1957

The most iconic Coca-Cola vending machine of the era, the D, produced in 1957 with the larger coin mechanism than its predecessors 81-A and 81-B. Highly sought after.

Pinball Heaven...1976

The rare Captain Fantastic pinball table draws its inspiration from the character played by Elton John in the movie ’Tommy’ and is justly renowned for the terrific quality of the illustrations.

The AMI H...1957

The Automatic Musical Instrument Company is well known for its fantastic range of jukeboxes, and the AMI H 200 is no exception. The automotive design that was increasingly popular for jukeboxes of the era. She's beautiful.

The Brunswick Centennial...1940's

Aged just 14, John Moses Brunswick left Switzerland to begin a new life in America, and after seeing an exquisite billiards table from the renowned London manufacturer, John Thurston, he decided to get into the billiards business, saying "if it's made out of wood, we can make it better."

Baby Jay Jaycopter...1964

The original full sized 'Jaycopter' was launched at the New York World's Fair in 1964, and although conceived as a flight training helicopter it mainly saw service as a fairground attraction. Check this out!

Genco Basketball Machine...1954

A vintage machine hailing from the 1950s, the Genco Basketball Arcade houses a miniature basketball court home to two mannequin players. When the game begins, a central loading tube feeds out the balls to the players, who are controlled by joysticks on the Genco’s outer casing. Such fun!

Wurlitzer Vinyl Jukebox...1948

Nicknamed ‘The Bullet’ and following hot on the heels of the iconic 1015 came the Wurlitzer 1100, which is often said to be one of the prettiest jukeboxes ever made. Its nickname derives from the overall shape, which rises to a subtle point in the centre and resembles a bullet stood on its base.

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