This handmade record dinker is made from a solid piece of wood, with bevelled edges and a sunken metal shaft. A specialist rotary blade (supplied) sits directly over the upright pin and forms the basis of the dinking device.

How it works: Taking a standard vinyl record 45rpm, place the record over the metal pin on the wooden base. Taking the rotary blade, insert this into any standard electric drill and turn your drill setting to low. Place one hand on the record to stop it spinning and use the drill to gently cut down through the record thus making it Jukebox ready in seconds. Handle with care: Ensure the electric drill is set to 'slow' and half way through cutting the record (if not more frequently) flip the record over to cut the other side until it meets in the middle and the centre comes away. Ensure that when holding the drill against the record, that all teeth are in contact with the record before drilling, best used vertically.

After cutting the record, remove from wooden block, sweep away any debris and discard the unwanted centre. Tried and tested, this works. We have tried many "Dinkers" in our time but this is by far the most accurate and leads to the fewest vinyl casualties.

Please note, we cannot guarantee against breakages unfortunately vinyl records are fragile items and occasionally too fragile to be tampered with, but from our experience this device minimises breakages and is the most effective way of removing the centres we have found. Please watch our Vimeo video for further instruction.

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  • Heavy duty
  • Can be operated by one person
  • Compact design
  • Hand made


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Record Dinker

Everything you'll need for a hole in one!
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