This showstopping installation by the artist Malcolm Sanders utilises part of the fuselage of a downed US Air Force combat aircraft to very dramatic effect.

The artist cites the work of several artists as influences including the Pop Art legend Roy Lichtenstein, whose iconic 1963 painting ‘WHAAM!’ inspired the work. Aside from its incredible visual impact the piece seems to have its own story to tell, and we’ll let the artist himself explain how this remarkable find affected him on first sight.

‘Languishing amongst various engine parts and wing spars was this shimmering, riveted convex shape, just catching the last rays of the sun. At first I thought it was part of a winnebago but when I saw the USAF logo, itself an iconic graphic which speaks of American air supremacy and the deployment of overwhelming force in conflicts around the globe, I was immediately reminded of Lichtenstein’s 1963 masterpiece, 'Whaam!'

I wasn’t able to date the fuselage section or even identify the aircraft but in a way it was this very anonymity that attracted me, and the fact that the damage invited you to create your own narrative about its history. Was it a missile strike that brought the aircraft down or was someone cut from the aircraft after a crash landing? We’ve no way of knowing of course, which simply adds to the intrigue'

A combination of red neon tubes and subtle blue LED backlighting really bring the piece to life, and at a shade under 3 metres wide it’ll making a breathtaking centrepiece in a large room.

Many USAF aircraft used aluminium in their construction due to its light weight and this is no exception. As a result it’s relatively straightforward to hang and installation comes included with the purchase price. The aluminium has another advantage too, as its reflective surface allows the coloured light to wash up the contours of the fuselage in a really striking way.

Visually arresting and utterly unique, this is one piece that simply can’t be compared with any other form of wall art. It’s not available from any other source as the artist created it specifically for The Games Room Company with the assistance of our own technicians. Please note: This piece can rest on the floor and be anchored to the wall along the top edge but the artist recommends a 'floating' wall installation for maximum effect. IMPORTANT: The work shoud not be positioned within reach of small children as the torn metal and sharp edges could easily cause injury.


  • Aluminium construction
  • Genuine USAF fuselage section - aircraft and year unknown
  • Signed by the artist
  • 277cm x 200cm
  • Exclusive to The Games Room Company and created in partnership with the artist
  • Inspire by Roy Lichtenstein's icon Pop Art masterpiece - 'WHAAM!'
  • The Games Room Company undertakes to wall mount the artwork if required
  • This piece should not be positoned within the reach of small children as torn metal and sharp edges are present throughout


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Portal Art Installation

A dramatic and utterly unique concept piece, created by the artist in partnership with The Games Room Company.

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