Our fabulous Bennett 766 Shell gas pump dates from the 1950’s and has been beautifully restored, right down to the detailing on the nozzle. She stands 191cm  tall including the glorious original illuminated globe on the top and although she can’t pump fuel any more she can certainly set the pulse racing, especially if you’re the kind of petrolhead that recognises Shell’s legendary trackside associations.

The pump is double sided and therefore has the same detailing front and back, including the window that shows the fuel delivery readings.

The classic orange and red colour scheme has been expertly matched by our restorers and the paint finish they’ve achieved is second to none. It’s probably no exaggeration to say that she looks better today than we she first saw service on a gas station forecourt in Main Street USA but she’s the only one we’ve got and she won’t be around for long.

Tracing Shell’s history takes you on a journey from London to Asia, from the birth of the motor car to the development of sustainable fuels. It is a history of exploration, innovation and a pioneering spirit that still guides Shell to this day.

In 1833, Marcus Samuel decided to expand his London business. He already sold antiques but decided to try selling oriental seashells as well, capitalising on their popularity in the interior design industry at that time. The demand was so great that he began importing the shells from the Far East, laying the foundations for an import-export business that would ultimately become one of the world’s leading energy companies. When Marcus Samuel senior died in 1870 he passed the business on to his two sons, Marcus junior and Samuel, who began to expand it. In the 1880s they became particularly interested in the oil exporting business but shipping still posed a problem as oil was carried in barrels which could leak and took up a lot of space. To solve the problem, they commissioned a fleet of steamers to carry oil in bulk, including the Murex which, in 1892, became the first oil tanker to pass through the Suez Canal. 

The company promoted the concept of branded products by selling gasoline from pumps bearing their distinctive orange and red seashell logo and this was a philosophy that carried through to the later years.



  • Original, fully restored example
  • Approx.: H: 191cm W: 66cm (Incl handles) D: 46cm (including hoses, handles etc)
  • Highly colllectable
  • Fully illuminated original globe
  • Converted to UK power supply
  • Double sided - front back have the same window and detailing


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation

Bennett 766 Shell Vintage Gas Pump

A striking piece of motoring history
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