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Winmau Entry-Level Dartboard


Catering to one of the oldest and most traditional pub games, the round-wire Winmau Entry Level Dartboard is an excellent design, created by people whom darts is not just a game, but a way of life.


The body of the board is founded on a super-dense sisal base, while high tensile steel wires are secured with Cliple II wire fasteners, reducing the possibility of reflections and dart traps.


Darts has existed in various forms since the middle ages, but a standardised dartboard wasn’t produced until the early 20th century. It was initially ruled as a game of chance and was illegal for a few years, until a landlord went to court and threw three darts into the 20 segment before challenging officials to do the same. None of them could, so it was officially decided that darts was a game of skill rather than luck, and it was made legal again.


Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, adored darts as a pastime. A favourite tactic of his was to pop to the pub with a group of friends, sipping slowly as he let them drink through the night, before challenging them to a game of darts a scant hour before closing time. Thus he earned the mantle of the local darts champion. We’ve been selling darts since 1962, so know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.

  • Super-dense sisal base
  • High tensile steel wires
  • Cliple II wire fasteners
  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation
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