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Exceptional games and Jukeboxes since 1962

The Games Room Company is the family business of our Managing Director, Alexander Waldersmith. His family’s heritage in the industry extends all the way back to World War II, where his father Reginald was a key player in bringing a new generation of leisure games to international audiences, including many in the British and US armies. As the original founder of the Games Room Company, Reginald passed on his business acumen and specialist knowledge to his son, helping to shape the foundations of the company as we know it today. Though Reginald is sadly no longer with us, Alexander is determined to continue his father’s legacy of bringing rare and whimsical games to audiences across the globe, and it’s this determination that has resulted in the Waldersmith brand.

All products under the Waldersmith brand are designed and built in-house with the finest materials right here at our premises here in Weybridge, formerly the site of a propeller factory for bombers during the war years. Decades of family experience in the industry has enabled Alexander to assemble a team of master craftsmen to build these products, with specialist knowledge and experience rarely found anywhere else in Britain. The introduction of Waldersmith shuffleboard tables, for example, has allowed the Games Room Company to become the only manufacturer of shuffleboard tables in the whole of the UK.

With the reputation of his family name on the line, Alexander personally and meticulously inspects the design and assembly of everything that bears his name, ensuring high-end products with definitive and lasting quality that makes them the pride of every setting in which they’re displayed. Many of these are bespoke and manufactured to order, and customisation features heavily in the design process – Alexander and his team are able to tailor individual details to specific customer requirements, resulting in final designs which are truly like no other.