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It’s with great pleasure that we’d like to invite you to the first London Open Shuffleboard Tournament, hosted exclusively by The Games Room Company!

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Shuffleboard is the sinful game that was banned by the British Monarchy over 500 years ago, when King Henry VIII decreed that it distracted his noblemen from their archery practise!

Join us at The Montcalm Hotel, Finsbury Square, London, on Wednesday 10th October, from 6-10pm, with a chance to win:

  • A night at the Montcalm Hotel, with a meal for 2 with wine at Aviary Restaurant
  • Official London Open Tournament Pucks
  • Engraved Tournament Trophy

We will also be hosting a training workshop on Wednesday 26thSeptember from 6-10pm where you can practice your moves, get familiar with the rules and ask our expert Shuffleboard master Alexander Walder- Smith for any tips!

Register your interest here

This is also a great opportunity to pop down to see the custom made 14ft Shuffleboard tables that the Games Room Company have specially made for the Montcalm Hotel. These bespoke 14ft tables are colour customised with playfields bearing the ETM logo.

Please RSVP to secure your interest as we have limited capacity.


Alexander & Oliva Walder-Smith.

Shuffleboard is currently enjoying a huge resurgence in the UK, with many bars now offering opportunities to try your hand at this terrifically entertaining game.

About the Shuffleboard Tournament

How to play

The game is played on 14 ft shuffleboards, by two opposing teams, each consisting of either one or two players each.

Each team will have four pucks and they will take alternative shots from the same end of the table. After all, eight shots have been taken then the both teams will rotate to the opposite end of the table.

There will be two judges at the tournament.

The aim is the get your puck as far up the playfield as possible, once all eight shots have been taken then the two pucks the farthest up the playfield will have their scores counted according to the scoring numbers on the playfield.