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Stern Pinball Games & Information

Offering pinball games, parts and accessories to fans around the world, Stern Pinball is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of arcade-quality machines. The company can be traced back to the 1930s where it’s founder, Sam Stern, got into the business and soon became a pioneer in the pinball industry. After great success as an operator he then became a game distributor before becoming the president of another pinball company. Sam passed his love and passion for pinball to his son, Gary. In 1986 when Sam passed away Gary then founded Data East Pinball which was purchased by Sega in 1994. In 1999 Gary bought the business back and renamed it Stern Pinball where it has continued to grow and promote the pinball game across the world. Stern Pinball are now the most regognised brand of pinball games ans have releasd many extremely popular games such as Batman, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek and The Simpons. With their headquarters in Chicago the company continues to create, design, manufacture and distribute the iconic and fun modern American pinball machines.

Stern Pinball Machines

The Games Room Company carries a wide choice of new and vintage pinball machines from Stern Pinball. With popular themes such as The Beatles, Elvis, Stranger Things and Game of Thrones these sensational, retro-themed machines feature full-screen animations as well as simulated reel scoring. With a limited amount of machines being produced they’re boung to be highly collectable in years to come.

Where are the Stern Pinball machines made?

The Stern Pinball machines are created, designed, manufactured, assembled, marketed and distributed in Chicago, Illinois.

Who owns Stern Pinball?

Gary Stern owns Stern Pinball and founded the company after be introduced to the pinball industry by his father, Sam Stern, at a very young ages. His passion and enthusiasm for pinball has carried the company into the most successful pinball business in the world.

How to level a Stern Pinball machine?

Levelling a Stern Pinball machine is very important as the right inclination is vital to enjoying the game. The optimal inclination of a pinball machine is typically between 6-7 degrees. To level a Stern Pinball machine first measure the inclination directly on the table, rather than the glass. Adjust the levelling blocks until the bubble is in the middle and the inclination measures to around 6.5 degrees. Let a ball roll through the centre of the machine to see if it tends to deviate, then adjust the levelers again until any deviation has been eliminated.