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Don’t be fooled by its modern popularity in the US – the original Shuffleboard was a British game through and through, and we’re immensely proud of that heritage here at the Games Room Company. In the last few years we’ve been working hard to bring it back into the British mainstream, and by all accounts we’re doing quite well!

We reintroduced shuffleboard to UK customers at the Ideal Home Show in 2006 to an astounding reception, and since then we’ve been watching its popularity soar year by year. Most recently, in response to growing demand, we’ve expanded our range from the best-selling traditional shuffleboard tables to include those from our own hand-crafted range too, currently making us the only British manufacturer of this historic game.

These latest shuffleboard tables are designed and built in-house bearing the Waldersmith name, the personal brand of our Managing Director, Alexander Waldersmith. With the reputation of his family name on the line, Alexander personally ensures that these shuffleboards are nothing less than the cream of the crop. They’re assembled in our Weybridge workshop, which previously served as a propeller factory for WWII bombers. Given that WWII is a pivotal part of the Games Room Company’s history, too – namely, our founding by Reginald Waldersmith, Alexander’s father – we think it’s only fitting for our products to reflect an iconic time for both our company heritage and wider national history, and that’s why we’ve named our shuffleboard tables after some of the most illustrious British aircraft from the period.

These shuffleboards comprise 6 basic designs ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, all of which are naturally subject to a high degree of customisation. Amongst the aspects that we can tailor for our customers are the finishes and addition of removable dining tops, charging sockets, electronic scorers and LED under-lighting.

Apart from being impressive in their own right, our creations go some way to showing just how far the game of shuffleboard has come. It’s undergone many iterations in its lifetime, and the earliest version of Shuffleboard dates from the taverns of 15th Century England. As it evolved it became a favourite amongst the aristocracy, and became such a popular parlour game that Henry VIII actually banned his soldiers from playing it, as he viewed it as a too much of a distraction from their military duties.

Throughout the centuries that addictive gameplay is one aspect of Shuffeboard that has remained the same, and its resurgence throughout commercial and private venues throughout the UK demonstrate that increasingly, modern audiences can still see the appeal!