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Sam Leisure Games Equipment & Information

Established over 20 years ago Sam Leisure offer a huge range of American style pool tables and are the UK’s number 1 selling brand. Their iconic designs blend both materials and aesthetics to create a truly outstanding pool table for the customer. Providing a quality that’s unmatched by other manufacturers. In 1994 Gary Drage, a qualified engineer who’s well versed in business, saw an opportunity for American pool to be a big hit in the UK. The Sam Leisure brand was created, which Gary is still the owner and director of, bringing many pool enthusiasts and professionals the best value sports tables. With a wealth of experience and knowledge alongside a committed team Sam Leisure offer fun and rewarding pool tables for pros, novices, boys, girls, old and young alike. Providing contemporary tables to a number of international football players, tv personalities and professional sportsmen and women you can put your confidence in Sam Leisure.

Sam Leisure pool and snooker tables

At Games Room Company we have an impressive selection of genuine and authentic Sam Leisure pool and snooker tables. Featuring one of the world’s most popular pool tables, the Mango Champion, and the striking Eliminator II, these tables are crafted to be strong, durable and modern. Made in Western Europe the Sam Leisure pool tables have solid frames, multiple options for finishes and elegrant brushed or chrome corners.

Sam Leisure pool and snooker accessories

We also supply Sam Leisure pool and snooker accessories to enhance your game. Professional pool and snooker cues such as the George Balabushka American Pool Cue No.5, Buffalo Premium II Pool Cue No.4 and Cuetec ‘Chinook’ Pool Cue in White, among many others are also available. These cues are expertly made from fine materials and offer great value for money.

Aramith Fusion pool dining tables

The revolutionary Aramith Fusion pool dining tables use the highest quality materials to create both a practical and entertaining table that’s classed as a true contemporary classic. With an array of different finishes available such as ceramic, wood and even a unique, bespoke finish you can choose and customise the table of your dreams. These pool dining tables are the definition of beauty in simplicity.