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Arcade Machines

The Golden Age of retro videogames undoubtedly took place in the late 1970’s through to the mid 1980’s when retro arcade machines were all the rage. Classic arcade machines such as Donkey Kong arcade machine and Pacman arcade machine took the world by storm long before the arrival of the more modern driving games such as Outrun arcade machine and Sega Rally arcade machine.


The fact is that those video games are simply a development of much earlier arcade machines such as penny arcade machines that were found at funfairs and on seaside piers. How times have moved on!


Nowadays there are a great deal of arcade machines for sale uk wide but be cautious when deciding to buy arcade machines as many used arcade machine and second hand arcade machines may have previously been operated in pubs and arcades and therefore need to be refurbished to a very high standard, as only we do here at The Games Room Company. All of our old arcade machines for sale have been workshopped, parts replaced and then extensively tested to make sure they are back to showroom condition.


Here at The Games Room Company we have a huge range of arcade machines for sale, from a mini arcade machine or table top arcade machines to much larger arcade machines such as the Time Crisis 2 arcade machine and ever popular arcade dance machine. We often stock other popular used and new arcade machines uk such as Point Blank Arcade Machine, Tekken Arcade Machine, Gaunlet Arcade Machine and the iconic Mortal Kombat arcade machine. It is also good to note that all of our arcade games machines are sold with a 1 year parts and labour warranty.


For vintage lovers looking for something other than the classic penny arcade machines for sale we have some unbelievably rare arcade machine for sale such as our 1954 Genco Basketball Arcade Machine which is an absolute joy to play and has to be seen to be believed. Even our old arcade machines and penny arcade machines come with our standard 1 year parts and labour warranty, which you will not find from any other retailer.


If you are not ready to buy arcade machines uk quite yet then why not try our arcade machine hire before you are ready to commit. Alternatively our arcade machine uk hire service is ideal for parties, events or props.

Lastly, we are the leading uk arcade games machines restoration service and our workshops are fully equipped to deal with any service enquiries. We will always give you a realistic estimate and timescale and you can be assured of a top service. Whether it be a classic arcade machine, a tabletop arcade machine, Mame arcade machine or any other table games you are after, give us a call today on 01932 568414 to discuss your requirements.