12 sheets of perforated card stock printed with 6 title cards for CD details (2 titles per card) Push out squares are included in order that the CD numbers on the title card holder can be viewed (dimensions of the cards are 142mm x 75mm)

Approximate dimensions of the sheet

Length –   279mm

Width – 216mm

Weight – 10g per page

(NB.  This is the standard US "letter" size.  If you intend to laser-print onto this stock, please ensure your printer can cater for this slightly smaller size)

Rock-Ola is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Games Room Company (UK) who are proud to have invested into this iconic brand. This has enabled Rock-Ola to continue its long tradition of being the only authentic American jukebox company on the planet, hand making the very best jukeboxes from its new factory in California

Product code = 57279-01

Rock-Ola Jukebox Double Title Cards- Pack of 34

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