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RS3 'Gold Edition' Table Football


Designed by RS Barcelona’s Rafael Rodriguez, the RS3 Gold Edition brings a touch of understated glamour to this design classic. 


The table incorporates genuine 24k gold, which features not just on the players but also on much of the other detailing including the score counter, ball bearings and other small parts. (The opposing team is finished in gleaming chrome) Its legs are made from the same Iroko wood as the standard RS3 table but on this model they’ve been darkened to accentuate the contrast with the highly polished lustrous metal finishes.


It’s a striking and sophisticated package but don’t mistake it for an idle show piece. This table’s been designed to be just as robust and playable as the other models in the amazing RS Barcelona range and its performance certainly won’t disappoint. As with their other offerings, we can offer a range of customisation options which include adding playfield and cabinet logos.


 Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, was a keen player of table football. Years of practice made him into a formidable player. The mastery of his aggressive, co-ordinated attacks and the lightning-fast reactions of his defence combined to make him legendary in the Waldersmith household, where he quickly became reigning champion. However, opponents occasionally noted this might be because he was always somewhat vague on the controversial ‘no spinning’ rule.


We’ve been selling tables since 1962, so know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.

  • Dimensions (H) 93cm x (W) 131cm x (L) 151cm
  • Handmade in Spain
  • Specially stained Iroko wood legs
  • 24k Gold detailing
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Comes with 9 balls (7 standard, 2 lightweight)
  • Weight: 68 Kgs
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