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Exceptional games and Jukeboxes since 1962

Rock-Ola Bubbler Digital SyberSonic Dual Amplifier


Rock-Ola’s Dual Digital SyberSonic Amplifier has been engineered for ease of connection and has options to meet virtually any location requirement. With audio efficiencies approaching 95%, this system produces volume levels equal to an amplifier twice its size and does so without producing a great amount of heat.

The system consists of a dual stereo (4 channel) preamplifier combined with two 2-channel power amplifiers. One output is designated as “Internal Output”, the other is designated “External Output”. The system may be operated as a single zone or a dual zone stereo system with separate volume controls for each zone. The internal output sends its power to an Audio Output Panel that couples the console speakers along with extension speaker loads of ½ to 8 ohms. The external output sends its power to an Audio Output Panel that couples speaker loads of 1/8 to 8 ohms.

Additionally, the External Output Audio Panel provides a connection for stereo or mono 70-volt CV speakers.

“Always On” amplifier for special event audio and background music functions. (Only if phono is turned off with IR or RF Remote Volume Control.)


The Games Room Company were recently made the official UK distributor for Rock-Ola jukeboxes (one of the most recognised brands in the world), and we’re now the largest retailer of them in the country. Originally founded by Reginald Waldersmith, our company has been selling jukeboxes since 1962, so we know a thing or two about our products! Our showroom will gladly assist you on any questions you may have before or after you purchase any Games Room Company equipment.

  • Switchable Stereo/Mono Modes
  • 7 band graphic equalizer (maybe split for separate channel settings)
  • Loudness Contour control. Setting is split to provide separate channel control
  • Multiple volume control configurations
  • Built-in Paging System input. Individual channel control to create zoned paging systems
  • Switch setting for microphone gain. Dial control for maximum microphone volume
  • Music Level While Paging settings. Settings are split to provide separate channel control
  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation
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