John Wick Pinball: Premium Edition - Unleash the Assassin Within

Dominate the Underworld. Own the Premium Edition.

Embrace the life of John Wick, the world's deadliest assassin, with the John Wick Pinball: Premium Edition by Stern. This feature-packed machine throws you into the heart of the John Wick universe, replicating iconic locations and thrilling action sequences.

Premium Features:

  • High-Speed Exhilaration: Experience heart-pounding car chases and intense drifting on the meticulously designed playfield.
  • Dynamic AI Combat System (Exclusive): Challenge yourself with enemies that react to your moves, creating a unique and strategic experience every game (not available in Pro model).
  • John Wick's Hidden Arsenal: Open the signature weapons crate to unveil hidden targets and unleash a barrage of firepower.
  • Blood Oath Marker: Utilize its power strategically, but beware its consequences.
  • Immerse Yourself in the World: High-quality audio and video assets from the films bring the action to life.
  • Unforgettable Voice Acting: Hear the iconic tones of Ian McShane reprising his role as Winston.
  • Original Score by Charlie Benante: Anthrax and Pantera's guitarist sets the perfect tone for your high-stakes missions.
  • Neo-Noir Artwork by Randy Martinez: Stunning visuals capture the essence of the John Wick universe.
  • Insider Connected™ System: Track your progress, compete globally, and unlock exclusive John Wick achievements and quests. (Also available in Pro model)

The Premium Advantage:

This Premium edition has additional features not found in the Pro model.

Become the Baba Yaga. Pre-order your John Wick Pinball: Premium Edition today!


Premium Features include:

  • Custom sculpted John Wick figures and themed elements.
  • Advanced mechanical toys with moving parts for dynamic gameplay.
  • Complex and interactive ramp designs for varied ball paths.
  • Additional wireforms and ball guides for unique gameplay experiences.
  • Multi-colour RGB LED lighting throughout the playfield and backbox.
  • Custom light shows synchronized with gameplay events.
  • High-resolution, detailed artwork unique to the Premium model.
  • Unique cabinet decals and backglass art for standout aesthetics.
  • High-fidelity speakers for immersive sound effects and music.
  • Additional voice clips and soundtrack elements from the John Wick films.
  • Additional gameplay modes and features offering deeper gameplay.
  • Custom animations and movie clips on a high-definition LCD display.
  • Premium materials ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • High-quality finishes and attention to detail in construction.
  • Complex animations and detailed information on digital displays.
  • Movie clips and thematic content enriching the narrative experience.
  • Integration of characters, scenes, and moments from the John Wick series.
  • Special elements providing a deeper connection to the film's universe.

in addition to the standard (Pro) features listed below:-

  • Custom designed John Wick muscle car bash toy

  • Blood Oath Marker decorated backlit plastic and stand-up targets

  • Weapons crate with stand up targets

  • "Jobs" Modes vertical up-kicker catapults ball onto right ramp wireform targets

  • "Red Circle Club" shoot-in arena with 1 pop bumper, 2 slingshots, and 7 stand-up targets

  • General illumination featuring a combination of RGB and white LED lighting designed to enhance playfield art and features

  • Building structure of "The New York Continental" with internal captive ball target and illumination

  • Dramatically illuminated edge-lit "neon" style plastics throughout the playfield, featuring a New York City skyline

  • "The Administration" left side eject scoop

  • Muscle car optical spinning target

  • Plunger skill shot

  • Gold Shot Targets feature Illuminated decorative stack of Gold Coins

  • Industry-first Al Game Mode System featuring illuminate enemy icons that react dynamically to challenge the player with a new experience every game

  • New Action Video Player System dynamically reflects player action - Defeat 3 enemies and see John Wick doing the

  • Take on Jobs for 7 different factions from the John Wick universe.

  • 5 unique Adversary Battles (Viggo, Cassian, Ares, Zero, Kirill)

  • "Excommunicado" Multball, "Deconsecrated" Multiball, 4 Car Chase Multiballs, The Staircase Mini-Wizard, The Duel Mini-Wizard, and Special Assianment Wizard

  • Immersive high definition film footage and audio assets from all 4 John Wick films

  • Connect with your friends, track your game progress, earn Achievements, take on Contracts, and work on your Wick Rank with the award winning Insider Connected system

  • Cabinet compatible with Expression Lighting System™ Accessory Kit, responsive to game events

  • 6 pinballs

  • Stereo sound system win 3-channel amplifier

  • (H) 192cm x (W): 69cm x (L): 140cm

  • Imperial: (H) 75.5" x (W) 27" x (L) 55"

  • Manufacturer: Stern

  • Year of production: 2024

  • Made in the USA

  • High definition cabinet artwork

  • LCD display

  • 2 year parts and labour warranty


  • Free UK delivery
  • Please see here for further delivery information & exceptions
  • Please contact us for an international shipping quotation
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2024 John Wick Premium Pinball Machine by Stern

Step into the word or the legendary hitman, John Wick, in his quest for revenge and redemption
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