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Popcorn Machines

Popcorn Machines 

If you have a games room in your home, it’s probably somewhere you spend a lot of your time. The hours can slip away from you when you’re playing a fast paced game of pool or pinball, and before you know it you’re starving hungry. The good news is that there actually isn’t any need to stop play and head down to the kitchen – if you own a popcorn machine, that is. We here at Games Room Company are big fans of the popcorn machine, and it’ll make a great and very useful addition to any room in your home, not just your games room.

With their bright red exterior and retro, throwback style, popcorn machines have the classic feel of 1950s Americana, movie theatres and diners. They’ll add a touch of cool vintage style to your home decor, as well as being a fun snack option for you, your family any visitors to your home.

A stalwart of classic American cool, popcorn machines have never seemed to reach such high levels of popularity here in Britain – we’re not sure why, as they combine ease and style to create the perfect product! Everyone loves popcorn, whether you’re watching a movie, mid snooker game, or just simply grabbing a handful as you walk past. These popcorn machines allow you to make any flavour popcorn, from the saltiest to the sweetest, so you can rustle up a snack to satisfy whatever you’re craving.

Games Rooms Company’s popcorn machines are full of features and tricks that make them even more of a must-have for your home. As well as the shiny red lacquer finish, it includes interior spot lights that will keep your popcorn warm while the machine is in use. As an added bonus, the popcorn machine is on wheels, which means it never has to stay in one room – you can easily move it around to wherever the action is happening and you need it to be on hand.

Popcorn machines are an excellent investment for anyone’s home. They’re a classic addition at parties, they can add some cinematic tradition to your home movie viewings, and a popcorn machine makes sure you and your family have an easy snack option, wherever and whenever you need it. Why not add some classic, cool American style to your home while also making sure you’re never short of something to snack on?! Games Room Company loves their popcorn machines, and can help you find the right one for your home – take a look at our selection here….