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Pinball Machines

Everything you need to know about Pinball Machines…

Pinball machines are probably the most iconic piece of gaming equipment anyone could own. If you think of any games arcade, anywhere in the world, the first thing you’re probably likely to imagine is someone hunched over a pinball machine. Here in the UK, they’re even a regular feature in our pubs!

Pinball machines are popular the world over (but especially in the USA), and there are a number of things that have led to their success – you don’t get to be the most famous game equipment in the world without having a few tricks up your sleeves! Here are the three main things we think make pinball machines so popular…

Pinball machines are easy to play

One of the reasons people pinball is such a widely adored game is probably down to the fact that it’s pretty simple to understand. Everyone can follow along with the rules, and you don’t need tons of practice to be good – you can just stroll up the machine whenever you fancy and get going! The uncomplicated, all inclusive nature of pinball is undoubtedly something that has caused people to take it to their hearts.

Pinball machines are lovely to look at

If a pinball machine was a person, it would definitely be a show off! Bright, colourful and flashy, with lots of lights and sounds, playing a game of pinball is a treat for all the senses, and there’s never a dull moment. Maybe this is why they’re also so popular in public venues like pubs – they’re a pretty sight and a great way of adding to your decor.

Pinball machines can be themed

It’s common for pinball machines to be released to tie in with the release of a highly anticipated film – this was especially the case in the 1990s. There are loads of movie related pinball machines from this decade, such as the well loved classic Addams Family machine. The machine’s ability to lend itself to other things that are popular is another reason people are so keen to get a game started!

Pinball machines at home

Yes, pinball is usually reserved for arcades or pubs, but they also make a really fun addition to any home – they’re guaranteed to keep your kids, guests and yourself entertained for hours! If you’re thinking of purchasing one, look no further than Games Room Company. We have a huge range of pinball machines for you to choose from, from restored vintage models to new, bespoke designs. Liven up your games room with an awesome, classic pinball machine and never be bored again!