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Pac-Man Power-Up Fruit Machine


As one of the most famous and iconic characters in videogames, Pac-Man defined a generation. This venerable fruit machine honours Pac-Man in the time-tested tradition, with as many features and gameplay modes as you can swallow! Examples include Hot Pursuit, Crazy Chase and Ghost Busta. Starting at £2.50 or below, you will progress through the Pac-Man icons that are scattered along the cash ladder. Hitting them sequentially and seamlessly will allow you to become invincible for the infamous Mega Streak.


Shortly after its release in 1980, Pac-Man became spectacularly successful, spawning numerous spinoffs, sequels and unauthorised clones. The success of the franchise was such that it quickly inspired an animated television series and even a hit single.



Our founder, Reginald Waldersmith, was far from an avid gambler, but he was extremely knowledgeable about the industry. He specialised in ‘one armed bandits’, and they were an essential part of the business that eventually became the Games Room Company. After servicing slot machines and jukeboxes on American airbases during the war, the resultant friendships Reginald made in the US armed forces allowed him to begin shipping them to the UK, and begin trading as the Games Room Company.


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  • Dimensions: (H) 180cm x (W) 69cm x (D) 64cm
  • Released in 2010
  • Featuring a classic pop culture icon
  • Cheap buy-ins with enticing jackpots
  • Available stakes: 25p, 50p, £1
  • £70 Jackpot
  • Perfect for Pac-Man fans, or those who prefer a challenge
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