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Exceptional games and Jukeboxes since 1962


In this section you’ll find a handful of the latest products available from The Games Room Company, from the 90th Anniversary Edition Rockola jukebox to the sensational hand crafted Shoreditch Pool Table.

90th Anniversary Edition from America’s last jukebox manufacturer

Just in from the States, this fabulous machine has a limited production run of just 25 units, each of which is individually numbered, and it differs visually from the standard model by virtue of its clear acrylic panels lining the bubble tubes. The effect of replacing the regular opaque covers with these is to give the jukebox an unprecedented sharp, clean look which really stands out.

Also featuring for the first time on the 90th Anniversary model is the brushed aluminium cabinet casing and the back lit Anniversary graphics on either side of the screen. All in all it’s a stunning offering from America's last remaining jukebox manufacturer and a piece that really needs to be seen up close to be truly appreciated.

Rock Reverso Fusion Pool Diner

This new Rock Reverso version of the Fusion table, already a modern classic and one of our most popular offerings, allows you to create a changing ambience in your dining room by providing two different surfaces in one conceptual table top: one face is covered by wood veneer, the other by a 3mm deep TECHLAM® ceramic layer, which in turn is available in 4 different tones.

Rock Reverso is the most resilient surface you can specify for your Fusion pool table. Long lasting and easy to maintain, this exclusive and modern material features antibacterial and antifungal properties and is environmentally friendly as the raw materials used to produce the panel are from recycled sources, removing the impact of extracting new stone.

The hand crafted ‘Shoreditch’ pool table from Waldersmith, with dual functionality

‘The Shoreditch’ is the most recent of three bespoke pool tables that we manufacture to special order, the other two being the ‘Pembridge’ and ‘The Olympian’. Although radically different from each other in terms of style and even construction methods, what they share is an unparalleled attention to detail, a commitment to the highest possible standards, and an underlying philosophy which holds that these ‘legacy pieces’ should last a century or more with no significant signs of deterioration.

Like its stablemates, the Shoreditch incorporates table tennis tops and retractable net posts, but this time in a much more minimal and contemporary package. All these tables are hand-crafted from scratch and as such each is a pure one-off, with infinite choices available for sizes, configurations, colours and finishes, right down to the width of the expertly fitted polished steel or brass inlays.

Royal Crown Bowling Machine

One of our latest acquisitions is this superb original indoor bowling alley. The Royal Crown was manufactured by Chicago Coin in 1962 and is notable for incorporating 5 additional games alongside the standard regulation bowling game. Featuring electronic scoring and fully automated ball return, this example is in truly fabulous condition and comes complete with three original balls.

As part of the recent restoration the 16ft long oak frame has been stripped and re-stained whilst the cabinet graphics have been re-painted and coated with clear varnish to ensure that she'll stay looking beautiful for many more years to come. The mechanicals and scoreboard are also in perfect working order, having undergone a thorough overhaul, and this machine is set to vend on dimes which we can supply if required. Up to 6 people can play at the same time so it's just the thing for a party!

If size matters, look no further than our recently completed 18 foot shuffleboard!

This stunning metal framed Shuffleboard is custom built to order in a range of sizes but this is the first time we’ve manufactured an 18 foot version Unlike the more traditional styling usually associated with Shuffleboards this model has a sleek, modern feel, with a sub frame constructed from welded steel box sections. This handmade frame can be finished in any colour and finishes range from matt through to satin or gloss but this one, commissioned by the owners of the Broadleaf bar at the foot of Tower 42, was ordered in an understated dark grey.

Like all our Shuffleboards, the Lancaster can be specified with removable tops which can serve as a table or workstation when not in use.  Shuffleboards do take up a lot of space, especially in a domestic setting, but adding tops introduces a measure of practicality by ensuring that the space can be utilised in other ways at different times. Further custom options include personalised playfield graphics, LED underlighting, mains/USB charging points and electronic scorers.

RS Barcelona ‘You & Me’ table tennis table in new Walnut finish

Created by the renowned Spanish design house RS Barcelona, the You & Me table is the pinnacle of understated beauty. Embodying a typically European expression of postmodern art, its style is emphasised by a superb functionality. Its efficient design is intended to maximise playability and a compact drawer on the underside stores the bat, balls and net to transform it into an elegant diner.

They’ve recently introduced this new variation featuring a stylish walnut finish, which comes at a premium price but has a softer more natural look which gives it a very different quality to the more usual black or white tables.