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Martin-Baker Ejector Seat


The Martin Baker Aircraft Company began their experimental ejection seat enterprise in the wake of WWII, with the first of their designs installed in fighter jets throughout the late 1940s. 


The MK4 seat was designed as a lighter-weight update to a previous model, and was used in the test deployments that led to Martin Baker’s contract with the US Navy. According to company advertisements in the late 1950s, the MK4 was used by the air forces of 27 nations and had been installed in 35 different types of fighter jets including MB-326s, Canberras, and Mirages. The seat functioned by igniting a charge in a small telescoping tube attached to the posterior side, thus ejecting the plane’s pilot to a height safe enough for parachute release. This particular example displays riveted plaques citing British, South African, and Canadian patent numbers


This highly polished Martin Baker Ejector Seat has been sympathetically mounted on a strong four legged chrome stand and is therefore sufficiently robust to allow use as a chair. It has been fully cleaned and restored but safety concerns dictated that the firing mechanism be disarmed so you’ll have to set aside any thoughts of dramatically ejecting unwelcome guests from your dinner table!

  • Finished in red painted metal, chrome, and black leather.
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