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Lethal Weapon 3 Pinball Machine


Based on the successful series of films about two mismatched detectives, the Lethal Weapon pinball launches you headfirst into the action with your favourite characters from the movies. Dot matrix displays of wild car chases and the sounds of screeching metal and gunfire are highlighted by loud arguments from Riggs and Murtagh, adding a touch of humour to the excitement. Choose your own music before the game begins – Lethal Weapon, ZZ Top or C&C Music Factory.


One of the more distinctive features of Lethal Weapon is the sidearm melded into the machine, which serves as both a plunger and a game-play feature: hit the outer orbit to load the weapon, then fire away! The machine has three video modes – Shootout, Fistfight and Crime Simulator.  Other gameplay features include a large jackpot ramp, three bumpers and six drop targets.


This machine also has a minor claim to fame in the pinball industry, being the first machine to feature full-size dot matrix displays. Fire it up, and lock and load. Become the Lethal Weapon.


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  • Dimensions: (H): 180cm x (W) 55cm x (L) 130cm
  • Manufacturer: Data East
  • Made in the USA
  • Year: 1992


  • A fast, action packed game from Data East
  • Prop gun attached to the machine as a plunger/toy
  • 3 exciting video modes
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