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Jurassic Park Pinball Machine


Based on the classic 1990 film, the Jurassic Park Pinball models the same principles that first made the franchise so successful; ‘dinosaurs are awesome’. In the film, CEO John Hammond has created Jurassic Park – a theme park with living, breathing attractions. During a demonstration to experts, the park’s security system fails, and mayhem ensues.


The pinball game features eleven gameplay modes, each beginning by shooting the right scoop – the Control Room – when lit. In the top right corner, a menacing dinosaur head twitches and snaps, temporarily consuming any ball unlucky enough to be in its vicinity. The ‘Raptor Coil’ similarly packs a vicious kick, firing the ball back towards the player. The autoplunger is shaped like a gun, packing a ‘smart missile button’ that lights the playfield. Also furnishing the machine are three pop bumpers and a captive ball feature.


Capturing the essence of all that is great about the film, the Jurassic Park is a game that (like the dinosaurs themselves) transcends entire generational gaps with its widespread appeal.


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  • Dimensions: (H) 198cm x (W) 71cm x (L) 148cm
  • Manufacturer: Data East
  • Made in the USA
  • Year: 1993


  • Moving toy dinosaur
  • Gun trigger autoplunger
  • ‘Smart missile button’ that lights all lit playfield features
  • ‘Raptor Coil’ kickout
  • 3 Pop bumpers
  • Captive ball mechanism
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