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One of the most revolutionary recent innovations in luxury games, the Fusion Pool Dining Table is the brainchild of Saluc, a renowned Belgian manufacturer, who designed the Fusion to seamlessly combine two of life’s most constant and universal pleasures; dining and leisure. Arguably, in the wrong hands, the Fusion could have been nothing more than a novelty. But Saluc have determined not to let that happen, and to that end they fully committed to their vision with the full measure of all their in-house design talents, using the highest quality materials to create a table that’s as practical as it is stylish – a true contemporary classic.

Sleekness and elegance are both hallmarks of every iteration of the Fusion table, making it highly sought after by interior designers all over the world. Its clever rise-and-fall mechanism has received particular acclaim, ensuring that it’s quick, simple and easy for anyone to seamlessly transform the Fusion from a polished dining surface to a smart, sophisticated pool table. In short, the Fusion is the very model of beauty in simplicity.

In addition to its 3/4” Italian slate bed and Simonis professional cloth, perhaps the Fusion’s greatest appeal amongst customers is the sheer volume of customisation on offer. Here at the Games Room Company we offer an array of different finishes for the Fusion Pool Dining table, including ceramic, various wood species and even entirely bespoke finishes. The Simonis cloth, too, is available in your choice of colours, and the metal frame can be specified as stainless steel or a powder coated finish, according to your preference. .

What’s more, our in-house specialists at the Games Room Company have added our own unique twist on the Fusion in the form of a high-quality table tennis top, adding a further dimension to this already stunning multi-purpose table. We’ve made sure that this table tennis top is beautifully in keeping with the Fusion, both in terms of the sleekness of its design and the quality of materials used.

Finally, our close relationship with Saluc ensures that we can offer our customers not just highly competitive pricing on Saluc tables, but also the shortest possible lead times on all deliveries.