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Contraband Card Game


This classic card game was originally created around 1950, and has been re-invented in several forms since its inception. A relatively simple game designed for three to four players, Contraband tests the participants’ bluffing skills by putting them in the shoes of professional smugglers, attempting to sneak their goods past the single player playing the role of the customs officer.


The game provides a fascinating snapshot into popular culture following the post-war years, in which the effects of rationing still played heavily on the public mind-set. A notable example of this is the inclusion of nylon stockings as one of the goods marked for duty. Nylon stockings were heavily rationed during WWII, and so would have been far more valuable at the time of the game’s manufacture than they are today.

  • Historical card game
  • Year: Circa 1950
  • Manufactured by Pepys
  • Designed for three to four players
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