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Connelly Billiards Games Equipment & Information

Building pool tables for players of all skill levels Connnelly Billiards aim to create family experiences with long-lasting memories. Founded by Craig Connelly in 1980, his passion for the game inspired him to manufacture a product that exceeded the quality of other billiard companies and offered complete customisation. After consulting with experts Connelly sought out the materials of the highest quality, settling for nothing but the best for his eager customers. A few years after setting up the headquarters, manufacturing and sales departments in Arizona, Connelly Billiards soon became one of the top five billiard manufacturers in the country. With customers noticing the superior quality, design and options the company grew to be the most trusted source of billiard tables and accessories in Arizona. Connelly Billiards products are distributed all over the United States and here at Games Room Company, we have the honour of being an official UK retailer of these excellent games tables. Specialising in custom built pool tables, game tables and home bar furniture to bring both friends and family together for a night filled with fun, laughter and happy memories